From reserving your chosen property, to moving in and beginning life in your new home, customer care is very important to the team at Northumberland Group.

The decision to purchase your new home is a major one and we make every effort to ensure you are satisfied at each step of your journey with us. This page will help to explain what to expect before, during and after purchasing one of our properties.


Working alongside our chosen agents you will sign our reservation form and pay the required reservation fee. Details will to be taken at this stage so that our solicitors can begin to liaise with yours so that we can achieve Exchange and then Completion as smoothly as possible.


Handover day also known as “Completion Day” – we will be in contact with you prior to this date to organize a time that one of our team can meet with you to undertake a walk-through of your new home and to complete our Handover Check-list.

During this walk-through we will note down anything that may still require our attention – this allows you to highlight any obvious issues with the kitchens, sanitary ware, doors and windows & decoration amongst other things. You and our team-member will then sign our Handover Check-list to confirm that you are happy with the condition of your new home.

We’ll also run through our Handover Booklet which includes the building control certificate, warranty details, electrical and plumbing sign-off’s as well as instructions & guarantees for appliances and heating.

On Handover day itself, once we have received confirmation that legal completion has taken place, we will be delighted to hand the keys of your new home to you to begin to move in. Please note that, subject to solicitors, completion may occasionally happen later in the day causing a slight delay for your removal firm.

We will advise utility companies that the property has been sold together with readings for completion day. They will then be in touch to set up new accounts directly with you.


Our skilled tradesmen do endeavour to do the best job possible & we try to make sure most, if not all, snagging issues are resolved before you move in but occasionally, every now and then, there are minor issues that still need to be resolved.

Your Handover booklet will also include our Snagging sheet, which you should return to us no more than 7 days after completion, summarising any other issues you have identified during your first week in your new home. Your snagging sheet should be emailed to our Customer Care team at

  • PLEASE NOTE: Any damage that occurs during moving in or is caused by normal wear and tear will not be covered by Northumberland Group.

Once we have all the remaining issues noted down we will aim to deal with the snagging as soon as possible and within 28 days at most subject to materials and tradespeople availability. Should there be any problems with the delivery of materials we will be in touch with you to discuss and agree when the issues will be resolved.


During the first 2 years of you living in your new home we will be responsible for any ‘MAJOR’ defect that may occur.

We will not be responsible for any wear and tear of the home or deterioration caused by neglect or failing to maintain the property. Similarly we will not be responsible for shrinkage, condensation or dampness not caused by a defect.

Finally, if the property has any additional work done within this two year period (for example extensions, modifications or alterations) Northumberland Group will NOT be responsible for damage caused.

Your 10 year New Home Warranty will cover any issues that occur after the initial 2 year period.


The construction of your new home required the use of a significant amount of water. It may take between 6 and 18 months for the house to fully dry out.

We advise keeping your home’s temperature below 20°C to allow the water to escape gently. Preventing your property from heating up too quickly should minimise cracks developing as the moisture departs.

As your property dries out, you might notice that there is more condensation than usual. To avoid this, we advise using the bathroom extractor fans, keeping your heating on a low setting and leaving as many windows open as you can.

The structure is drying out as we speak. There may be little fissures in the walls or ceilings because of the building materials’ propensity to slightly contract. Once your home has dried out, a number of small cracks are totally normal and quite simple to fill with a suitable DIY product. Please bear in mind that since these repairs are routine, Northumberland Group is not responsible for them.

Best wishes in your new home from all the team at Northumberland Group